Prinoth SW-4S Utility Vehicle


Technical Specifications

- Year of Manufacture 2012

- Overall length 3175mm (basic vehicle)

- Overall width 1285mm (track mode) or max 1700mm(wheel mode)

- Overall height 2337mm (track mode) or 2375mm(wheel mode)

- Ground clearance 249mm

- Weight 2810-3733kg (depending on attachments)

- Max speed 30km/h



Standard Features:

- Perkins 1104D-E44T engine

- Turbo diesel engine, electronic fuel system

- Power 74kW @2500rpm

- Torque 420Nm @1400rpm

- Track width 350mm.

- Versatile machine.

- A year long working machine that converts from track to wheels as needed.

- Quick attach system allows the SW-4S to be equipped with a large variety of implements for any season.

- Implements include snow blade, snow blower, tiller, power rake, pallet fork and many more.


Prinoth SW-4S spec sheet 
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